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An incubator with your own hands


It is very simple to make an incubator with your own hands. Every man who held a drill and a soldering iron at least once in his life can do that. Just follow my advice. This page will help everybody to learn to do this simple operation. Besides, the incubator brings substantial material income. Businesslike people can simply earn their living by making incubators. Especially because this undertaking does not practically demand initial capital. And here you can find out where and at what price you can purchase the ready-made thermoregulator for the incubator.

The temperature regulating unit described here can be successfully applied not only for an incubator, but also for maintaining the necessary temperature in a hothouse, a greenhouse, a box with vegetables on the balcony in winter, etc. So, let's get down to work! On the new site a great number of materials on breeding, keeping and treatment of poultry is added. There is much advice on incubating and growing chickens, goslings, ducklings, quails, turkeys (turkey-poults), guinea hens (guinea chickens).


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